200744 AAA Group Co. Ltd., Ning Bo. Bicycles. 52 + JJ (all different) + EC, complete. Offset, 87x57 mm, rc, Backs: Young woman presents a bicycle. c2005.
Reproductions of posters advertising bicyles, most of them around 1900.
OBox, mint.

GERMANY - NON STANDARD CARDS - VEB Altenburger Spielkartenfabrik, Altenburg.

380064 VEB Altenburger Spielkartenfabrik, Altenburg. Angler Skat. Design: Günter Schmitz. 32 + EC, complete. Offset, 87x57 mm, rc, Backs: Plate with 2 trouts on a blue-white checkered tablecloth. Trademark on 7H. 1981.
Lit.: Braun/DDR AS 1981/2.
All cards are illustrated, the aces with fishes, the other cards with angling scenes.

JAPAN - NON STANDARD CARDS - Nintendo Playing Card Co., Ltd., Kyoto.

330462 Nintendo Playing Card Co., Ltd., Kyoto. Nissan Palsus. 52 + JJ, complete. Offset, 87x61 mm, rc, Backs: Standing crusaders with chain-mail coat, shield and lance. Maker's name & logo on AS. 1971.
Lit.: Braun 768.
Inside a suit, the illustrations on K, Q and J are identical. They show medieval figures holding in one half of the cards a French suit-sign, in the other half a Spanish one. Spades/Swords have a knight in armour, Clubs/Clubs a squire, Diamonds/Coins a merchant and Hearts/Cups the lady of the castle. The joker is a court jester playing the lute. Edition of 2,250.
OBox, mint.

USA - NON STANDARD CARDS - 52 Plus Joker (printed in China).

200687 52 Plus Joker (printed in China). Annual Deck 2006. Design: Karla Mattson. 52 + JJ, complete. Offset, 87x62 mm, rc, Backs: Blobs of paint and name of the association. 2006.
Second deck of the American collectors' association, featuring this time transformed playing-cards. The illustrations are the same in all suits, QH excepted. Printed in an edition of 360 copies.
OCase, mint.

USA - VARIA - McLoughlin Brothers, New York.

320674 McLoughlin Brothers, New York. American Fortune Telling Cards. Madlle Lenormand's Fortune Telling Cards. 36, complete. Color lith., 77x53 mm, rc, Backs: Plain. c1900.
Lit.: Compare: Hochman III FT1 (p. 243), Jensen [Prophecy] 2.48, Cary coll. 132, Braun 1635.
Further edition of a deck from the early 19th century. All the cards are illustrated and display small scenes (people in contemporary costumes, allegories). The values on the numerals are not consecutively numbered, e.g. C: 10, 9, 8, 7, 4, 1.
Damaged OCase, sheet of rules (1 sheet, German - English, folded and small tears), mint.

GERMANY - NON STANDARD CARDS - Bielefeld Playing Cards, Ltd., Bielefeld.

340092 Bielefeld Playing Cards, Ltd., Bielefeld. Darling Playing Cards. Design: Heinz Villiger. 32, complete. Offset, 91x60 mm, rc, Backs: Ad, white on blue background, of the cardiac stimulant tonolift (see Braun/Bielefeld, color plate). Logo on AH & 10H. c1970.
Lit.: Braun/Bielefeld BI 1953/3 var. 2; Braun 1377; Pikante Blätter pp. 76-77; Eroticism I 10.6; Segeth [1986] 228.
The motifs of AH and AC have been interchanged, the company's logo (Braun/Bielefeld No. 4) replaces the suit-sign on the new AH: this variant is not recorded in Braun/Bielefeld.
Almost mint.