Article: 005299

Country: Austria

Manufacturer: Ferd. Piatnik & Sons for Edition Hilger, Vienna.

Attersee. Design: Christian Ludwig Attersee (born in 1940). 2 x 52 + JJJ (2 different ones), complete. Offset, 89x58 mm, rc, 4 German I. Backs: Fish and bottle, yellow or blue background. Maker's name (Hilger) on AD, maker's name and logo (Piatnik) on AS. 1993.
Lit.: Altfahrt in Talon 12 (2003), p. 33.
Strange animals, which we interpret as a mouse in H, a goat in D, a parrot in S and a salmon in C. As kings they wear a crown, as queens they have breasts. On the jokers a kind of starfish glides over a glass.
OBox, mint.

$ 29.43

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