Baraja Don Quijote

Article: 005441

Country: Spain

Manufacturer: Maestros Naiperos Españoles, Valencia, for Asescoin, Madrid.

Baraja Don Quijote. IV Centenario. Design: Vicente Arnás (born in 1949); Gonzaga Gil-Delgado & Alberto Pérez. 40 + JJ (all different) + 4 different EC (ill. calendars 2005) + 3 text cards + title card, complete. Offset, 95x61 mm, rc, 2 I. Backs: The knight and his squire riding through the countryside. Maker's name on 5Clubs & 5Swords. 2004.
Sensitive deck of the reknown artist on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the publication of Don Quijote at the beginning of 1605. The K portray the knight, the Cavaliers are dedicated to Sancho Panza and the J (sotas) to Dulcinea. Aces, 4s and jokers display other persons or striking scenes. Numbered edition of 1,000 decks.
Min. damaged ill. OBox, mint.

$ 20.38

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