Baraja Peplum

Article: 005444

Country: Spain

Manufacturer: Naipes Comas (N.E.G.S.A.), Barcelona.

Baraja Peplum. Design: Alfonso Ortuño Salar (born in 1942); Enrique García, Alberto Pérez. 32 + J + 4 text cards + 2 title cards, complete. Offset, 95x62 mm, round corners, 2 English index marks. Backs: PEPLVM on marble background, blue. 2004.
Lit.: Stolzenburg [2016] 68.00; WWPCM 09042.
Striking actors and actresses of the peplum film genre in more or less caricatured drawings. From Theda Bara and Claudette Colbert (both as Cleopatra) over Peter Ustinov, Laurence Olivier, Elizabeth Taylor to Monica Bellucci, Russel Crowe and Brad Pitt. Numbered edition of 500 decks. Not on the public market.
Minimally damaged OCase, almost mint.

$ 28.30

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