Belgian or Spanish cards

Article: 000892

Country: Belgium

Manufacturer: Maker unknown

11 cards: all courts, Sota of Swords excepted. Stencil-col. copper engraving, 85x57 mm, square corners, 2 index marks. Backs: Dotted trellis, blue. Circa 1850.  Lit.: Fournier 470; comp. Mann coll. 47 and Denning [1996] pp. 74-75; García Martín in La Sota 43 No. II-1-70 var.

WE JOIN: 9 cards of the same type with the same back design in the same color, but printed on a slightly different stock: all courts, King of Coins, Cavalier of Cups and Sota of Clubs excepted.

AND: 2 cards of the same type with differently colored back: King of Coins and Ace of Cups. Our pattern belongs somewhere between Llombart, Macia and Turnhout Spanish pattern. Our cards maybe come from Belgium.  Slightly worn.  

$ 181.13

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