Black Back (Original designs)

Article: 011523

Country: Austria

Manufacturer: Albert Ecker, Trofaiach.

Original designs for the Black Back deck. Design: Albert Ecker (born in 1958). 36 drawings on carboard for all courts, the joker and 4 resp. 5 numerals of each suit. Indian ink, 98x67 mm, square corners, no index mark. Backs: Plain white, without imprint. 1984.
The deck was conceived to be printed in B/W. Dreamy views of cities on the courts (Roma, Milano, Istanbul, Taj Mahal...), strange symbols on the aces. The deck was printed by Ferd. Piatnik & Söhne, Vienna. WE JOIN: 9 sheets with the designs for all index marks, 3 larger (up to 240x164 mm) designs for the box, a proof sheet by Piatnik (8 cards) and a letter from the artist.
Very good conservation.

$ 1,415.04

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