Das Festungs Baues Spiel (The game of fortifications)

Article: 008363

Country: Netherlands

Manufacturer: Peter Schenck, Amsterdam.

Das Festungs Baues Spiel (The game of fortifications). Design: Gilles de la Boissière. Sheet with the whole of the 52 cards, the publisher’s name, the rules etc., complete. Copper engraving in reddish brown, 527 x 607 (sheet), 82 x 50 mm (cards), square corners, 1 index mark. Backs: Plain. Circa 1700.
Lit.: Schreiber coll. (O’Donoghue) p. 210 No. 2; In de kaart gekeken 50; Cary coll. HOL sheet 265; BDK 27.
Fine print in reddish brown. Peter Schenck, born in Elberfeld near Düsseldorf in 1669, was active from 1684 till 1713 (Lex Rijnen).
Very short margins to the left and to the right, faint vertical fold through the middle, a tiny marginal tear in the lower margin, otherwise very good conservation.

$ 849.03

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