Das Schwäbische Bild

Article: L1016


Manufacturer: Sigmar RADAU, Jürgen F. KRANICH

Das Schwäbische Bild. Bube Dame König: Berlin, 2016. 297x211 mm. Title, 1 leaf, 270 pp. with very numerous B/W and color ill. Adhesive binding, ill. wrappers.
Monograph on the German-suited Swabian pattern, formerly called Darmstadt pattern. Predecessors included (8 decks by Ellenrieder, Bacher and Ling, all in Ulm), the catalogue counts 69 entries, ordered by the stance of the figures, i.e. single-figured or double-ended, and then by type. The authors identify 3 of them, Ulm, Darmstadt and Stralsund (the latter double-ended only). The introductory text investigates the origin of the pattern as well as its makers, and it describes the stamp duty in the Kingdom of Württemberg and in the Grand Duchy of Hessen (Hessen-Darmstadt). „Studien zur Spielkarte“ (Playing card studies) No. 37.

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