Das Spiel und der Maler (The Game and the Painter)

Article: 005301

Country: Austria

Manufacturer: Edelbacher Druck for Edition Hilger, Vienna.

Das Spiel und der Maler (The Game and the Painter). Design: Josef Bramer (born in 1948). 2 x 52 + JJJ + EC, complete. Offset, 92x60 mm, rc, 4 English I. Backs: Repeated quadrant, green or mauve. Maker's name (Hilger) on AH, logo (Edelbacher Spielkarten) on AS. 1989.
Lit.: Altfahrt in Talon 12 (2003), p. 29.
The K are older men representing the material present (prosperity, game of chance...), the Q symbolize the seasons and the J the art and the nature.
OBox, mint.

$ 29.43

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