Article: 003978

Country: Spain

Manufacturer: Naipes Comas, Ronda Sn Pedro 4, Barcelona.

Del No. 5. 39/40 (2 of Coins missing). Color lith., 94x61 mm, square corners, 2 index marks. Backs: Plaid, blue.  Maker’s name on 5 of Swords, 4 of Cups and Ace of Coins. Export tax stamp of the Kingdom of Spain (1904-1931) on Ace of Coins. 1909.  Lit.: Comp. Mann coll. 36; Comas 13-F; NOT in García Martín in La Sota 42.

Rest of the OWrapper pasted on Japanese paper, Ace of Coins slightly dust-soiled, otherwise almost mint.  

$ 249.05

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