Der Abend (The Evening)

Article: 000624

Country: Germany

Manufacturer: Bielefeld Playing Cards, Ltd., Bielefeld.

Der Abend (The Evening). Design: Aribert^Nesslinger (born in 1924). 32 + EC, complete. Offset, 91x59 mm, rc, Backs: Text ad in white on red background for "The independant midday newspaper in Berlin". Logo (no. 6) on AH. 1978.
Lit.: Braun/Bielefeld BI 1978/1; Braun 1940; Kohlmann [1984] 72.
Caricatures of a judge, a policeman etc. on the kings, of a housewife, a vamp etc. on the queens and of snotty-nosed brats on the jacks.

$ 28.30

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