Eclectic Tarot

Article: 003769

Country: Austria

Manufacturer: Ferd. Piatnik & Sons, Vienna.

Ferd. Piatnik & Sons, Vienna. Eclectic Tarot. No. 1943. Design: Josef Machynka (born 1957). SF. 78, complete. Offset, 125x70 mm, rc, 1 I. Backs: The sun surrounded by the suit-signs of the deck, gilt on black background. 1987.
Lit.: Kaplan III 583; DSM [1988] 141.
The four suits are dedicated to the elements: Wands = fire, Cups = water, Swords = air and Coins = earth.
OCase, French booklet of commentaries by Josef Machynka (82 pp.), mint.

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