Article: 011635

Country: France

Manufacturer: Editions Dusserre (Boéchat), Paris.

Frantel. Design: Monique Arnold (1942-2018?) 14, complete. Gouache, enhanced with gilt, 130x88 mm, round corners, 4 French index marks. Backs: Without imprint. 1974.
Designs for the courts, the joker and the back of the deck advertising the hotel chain. Fine drawings in black, red and gilt after 18th century engravings from the Bibliothèque Nationale dedicated to various professions related to the hotel business (cook, confectioner, janitor, musician...) WE JOIN: the corresponding printed cards (spades excepted).
All backs with stamp „BON A TIRER“ (pass for press), date „12.11.74“ (Nov. 12, 1974) and signature, very good conservation.

$ 509.42

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