Golden Patience

Article: 002466

Country: Switzerland

Manufacturer: Egbert Moehsnang, Schüpfen.

Golden Patience. Design: Egbert Moehsnang (1927-2017). SF. 2 x 52 + JJ + EC, complete. Photolith. (aces & courts enhanced with gold leaf), 60x39 mm, rc, gilt edge, 2 German I. Backs: Marbled pattern, brown. Maker's name on AC. 1999.
Lit.: Journal of the IPCS, vol. XXVIII, No. 3, pp. 154-156.
Here all that glitters is gold. The long awaited deck is now available and it is magnifique. All the cards are illustrated but artist and printers were particularly successful in adapting the copper engravings and etchings with regard to the aces, courts, tens and jokers, where other colors than black and white occur. Numbered and signed edition of 500 double decks.
OCase with title in gold at the spine, ill. booklet (16 pp., signed and numbered by the artist), mint.

$ 328.29

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