Golden Tarot of Klimt

Article: 005840

Country: Italy

Manufacturer: Lo Scarabeo, Torino.

Golden Tarot of Klimt. Tarot Doré de Klimt. Design: Atanas A. Atanassov. 78 + title card + EC, complete. Offset, 120x66 mm, rc, 1 index mark. Backs: Picture of a woman and decorative elements in the style of the Viennese Secession. 2005.
The artist has ravishingly succeeded in capturing the opulent world of the Viennese Prince of Painters. The "Golden" in the name of the deck does not promise too little: all cards and the box are adorned with embossed golden designs which generate a truly brilliant effect.
OCase, multilingual booklet (64 pp., English, Italian, Spanish, French, German), mint.

$ 33.96

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