Gorleben soll leben! (Gorleben should live!)

Article: 004692

Country: Germany

Manufacturer: VASS, Leinfelden, for Merlin Publishers, Gifkendorf (near Lüneburg).

Gorleben should live! Design: Arno Waldschmidt (1936-2017). 32 + EC, complete. Offset, 91x59 mm, rc, 4 German index marks. Backs: Beaming sun, red and black. 1979.
Lit.: Braun 2068; Fournier 476; Hedinger 29; Braun/Petri VA 1979/5.

Deck of the opponents to atom energy on the occasion of the argument about the setting-up of an permanent nuclear waste disposal site in Gorleben (near Lüneburg).
Min. damaged OCase, mint.

$ 28.30

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