Heath’s Court Beauties No. 3

Article: 011658

Country: United Kingdom

Manufacturer: William Spooner, 259 Regent Street, London.

Heath’s Court Beauties No. 3. Design: Henry Heath (1801-1858). Hand-col. chalk lith., 279x208 mm. Circa 1835.
Henry Heath was a draughtsman and lithographer specializing in caricatures and witticisms. After the death of his wife, he emigrated to Adelaide in Australia in 1849, where he continued to work as a lithographer, among other things. In our print, 2 jacks of the Anglo-American pattern are fighting over a wooden board: „Give you the deal, eh? No, we’ll cut for it to be sure!“ The caption is a pun on „deal“ in its various meanings (business, dealing cards, but also wooden board) and „cut for“ (draw lots) or „cut“ (cut cards).
Faint soiling.

$ 203.77

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