Italia Nuova

Article: 000709

Country: Italy

Manufacturer: Raffaele Pignalosa fu Luigi, Naples.

Italia Nuova (New Italy). 40, complete. Color lith., 86x57 mm, rc, 2 index marks. Backs: Standing Italia with a lion at her feet & sparkling fasces in the background, blue. Maker's name on Ace of Fasces. 1928.
Lit.: Braun 1833.
New suit-signs: fasces (symbol of the Italian fascists, yellow), propeller (blue), anchor (red) and helmet (green) for each of the 3 branches of the army. The aces show the Italian flag, the 10s Italia, the 9s soldiers and the 8s soldiers in the uniform of the fascist party.
Some foxing, almost mint.

$ 124.52

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