Jass De Luxe 10001

Article: 004720

Country: Switzerland

Manufacturer: AG Müller & Cie, Neuhausen.

Jass De Luxe 10001. Design: Egbert Moehsnang (1927-2017). 36, complete. Offset, 89x57 mm, round corners, gilt, 2 German index marks. Backs: Ad of the Société de Banque Suisse, turquoise and orange.  Maker’s name on Deuce of Acorns. 1982.  Lit.: Graak [1985] pp. 132-134, ill. 47; Manser [2018] JSB 020 (p. 124).

First version with its original coloring in ochre, olive-green, light-red and greyish blue of the modern Swiss pattern designed by E. Moehsnang.  Almost mint.  

$ 20.38

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