Jeu de Lindor ou Nain Jaune (Game of Lindor or of the Yellow Dwarf)

Article: 011661

Country: France

Manufacturer: Ledoyen, 21 rue St. Jacques, Paris.

Jeu de Lindor ou Nain Jaune (Game of Lindor or of the Yellow Dwarf). 1 double sheet. Hand-col. etching, 415x283 mm. Backs: Plain, without imprint. Circa 1830.
Lit.: Duchartre/Saulnier, L’imagerie parisienne, p. 208; Lhôte [1994] p. 562 (on Nain Jaune); F. Richard in Le Vieux Papier 361 (2001) p. 113 and fig. 8.
In the corners the 4 cards of the single-figured French national pattern (king of hearts, queen of spades, jack of clubs and 10 of diamonds), in the center, framed by flowers, a distinguished game round and the standing yellow dwarf holding up a 7 of diamonds. The 2nd sheet with the rules of the game is also engraved.
Small repaired marginal tears, a horizontal crease mark and a faint horizontal folding mark.

$ 249.05

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