Karl Gerich & Georgina Harvey. No. 29.

Article: 007490

Country: United Kingdom

Manufacturer: Victoria Playing Cards Company, Bath (Karl Gerich & Georgina Harvey).

Design: Georgina Harvey. 32 + J + title card, complete. Hand-col. etching on copper plates, 89x58 mm, square corners, no index mark. Backs: Old rose.  Maker’s name on Ace of Spades, Joker and extra card. 1988.  Lit.: PC World No. 57, p. 6; Tregear, Mike and Daphne, Karl Gerich: Card Designer and Maker; http://www.wopc.co.uk/uk/karl-gerich/29-victoria.html

Pictures of a simple life: King of Spades plays with a kitten, Queen of Clubs is working at the embroidery frame, Jack of Hearts carries firewood... The suit-signs of clubs are green.  The back of the extra card smeared with glue, otherwise almost mint.  

$ 271.69

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