Karl Gerich. No. 10. Four Corners of the World.

Article: 008550

Country: United Kingdom

Manufacturer: Karl Gerich, Bath.

Design: Karl Gerich, Bath (1956-2016). 52 + 4 extra aces + J + 2 EC, compl. Hand-col. copper engraving, 76x43 mm, square corners, no index mark. Backs: Plain pink.  Maker’s name and logo on Jack of Hearts. 1984.  Lit.: Tregear, Mike and Daphne, Karl Gerich: Card Designer and Maker; http://www.wopc.co.uk/uk/karl-gerich/10-four-corners.html

Karl Gerich has found his inspiration here in Dondorf. Courts and aces refer to different parts of the world: spades = Near East, hearts = India, clubs = America (Ace of Clubs shows the landing of a ship, which is likely to represent the discovery of America) and diamonds = Europe (Ace of Diamonds is Justitia). The 4 extra aces each show 2 uncolored views of Bath. One of the 2 extra cards carries a handwritten dedication by the artist, dated  „5 MARCH 1991“, the 2nd is blank. Circa 50 packs have been made (Tregear).  OBox, almost mint.  

$ 396.21

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