Karl Gerich. No. 16. Patience Indien.

Article: 011308

Country: United Kingdom

Manufacturer: Karl Gerich, Bath.

Design: Karl Gerich, Bath (1956-2016). 52 + JJJ (all different) + 2 title cards (all different) + 3 blank cards, complete. Hand-col. etching, 62x39 mm, square corners, no index mark. Backs: Overall colorful pattern of sweeping acanthus leaves in the style of the Renaissance, enhanced with gilt.  Maker’s name on the title cards. 1991.  Lit.: Tregear, Mike and Daphne, Karl Gerich: Card Designer and Maker; https://www.wopc.co.uk/uk/karl-gerich/16-patience-indien

The deck was inspired by Grimaud’s Cartes Indiennes around 1900. No revoke suits: hearts are red with numerals colored in red and yellow; diamonds are yellow (numerals in yellow and blue); spades are blue (numerals in blue and red) and clubs are black (engraved). The artist has signed the deck on a blank card with an ink pen and dated it „13 feb. 1992“.

TOGETHER WITH a sheet printed in black (207x300 mm) showing all courts, aces, a joker and a title card, plus a second hand-colored sheet (185x159 mm) with the courts. Both sheets are inscribed in pencil „Nº 16“.  The back of a title card smeared with glue, otherwise almost mint.  

$ 543.38

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