Large business card on porcelain cardboard

Article: 011623

Country: Belgium

Manufacturer: Edouard Daveluy, Bruges.

Large business card on porcelain cardboard. Design: Kinsbergen. 1 card. Color lithograph, enhanced with metallic colors, 232x176 mm, square corners. Backs: Plain, without imprint. 1841.
Lit.: Daveluy [2004] pp. 17 and 21.
Daveluy advertises here his „Collection de Gravures sur Pierre, Réhaussés en or et couleurs Exécutés à la Lithographie“ (Collection of stone engravings, heightened with gold and colors, executed in lithography). The year 1841 is mentioned possibly because Daveluy married in that year and the couple moved to the new workshop. The card is signed „KINSBERGEN. FET“ (Isidore van Kinsbergen 1821-1905?, see wiki).
A faint pressure mark in the top white margin, 8 small adhesive traces on the back, very good conservation.

$ 169.81

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