Mémoires de Casanova (Memories of Casanova).

Article: 011882

Country: Russia

Manufacturer: N & C production (Nage Cards), G. Makarov, Vyborg.

Design: Paul-Emile Bécat (1885-1960). 52 + JJ (all different) + title card, complete. Offset, 110x73 mm, round corners, copper edge, 2 French & 2 English index marks. Backs: Pink upholstery in a baroque frame. 2023.

Lit.: Comp. Braun 914, Eroticism I 3.2, Cary coll. 386, Fournier 421, Pikante Blätter pp. 102-103, García Martín in La Sota 22/23 No. 7.

Elaborate, somewhat enlarged reprint of the gallant cards. It comes in variously illustrated folding boxes. Edition of 250 copies.  Illustrated OCase, almost mint.  

$ 90.56

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