Management By Cards.

Article: 004649

Country: Germany

Manufacturer: F.X. Schmid, Munich.

Management By Cards. Design: H.J. Ackermann. 32 + EC, complete. Offset, 92x59 mm, round corners, 4 German index marks. Backs: Repeated „VA“, dark-blue on white background. 1975.  Lit.: Braun 1755; Petri [2021] FX 1975/1.

Advertising deck of „Verkaufsleiter-Akademie für Führen und Verkaufen und Werbe-Beratung K.H. Bonne“ (K.H. Bonne’s Sales Director Academy) in Frankfurt/M. All cards show well turned out satirical drawings about the business. The extra card is a calendar for 1976.  Folder of instructions, almost mint.  

$ 20.38

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