Manara. The Erotic Tarot. Tarot Erotique

Article: 005839

Country: Italy

Manufacturer: Lo Scarabeo, Torino (printed by Carta Mundi, Turnhout).

Manara. The Erotic Tarot. Tarot Erotique. Design: Milo Manara (born in 1945). 78 + title card + EC, complete. Offset, 120x66 mm, rc, 1 index mark. Backs: Entrepreneurial woman between 2 shy men on a park bench, in mauve. 2000.
Lit.: Eroticism IV 9.59.
Mino Manara is well-known for his audacious comic strips. The traditional suits have been replaced by the 4 elements: water (cups), earth (bells), fire (batons) and air (swords). Most cards carry corresponding signs of the zodiac and of the planets.
OCase, instructions (German), mint.

$ 24.90

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