Article: 011880

Country: Switzerland

Manufacturer: Wädenswiler Spielkarten, Horgen (

Design: Heinz Johann Fässler (Rüebli). 80 + 2 EC, complete. Color digital printing, 100x56 mm, round corners, no index mark. Backs: Plaid, black, on brownish-yellow background.  Maker’s name on Tar. IIII, 2 of Coins and 2 of Cups, initials HJF on 4 of Coins. 2023.

The pack is composed of the traditional values of the Besançon Tarock, that is, with Juno and Jupiter as Tar. II and V, plus 2 exchange cards Popess and Pope, which make our Besançon Tarock a Marseilles Tarock. The designs are based on Johann Georg Rauch’s lithography stones of 1835.Our decks have been signed by the artist on an extra card, the other extra card is printed with a small introduction by Walter Haas. A CARTORAMA EXCLUSIVITY.  Minimally damaged OCase, almost mint.  


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