Mudam : Laurent Daubach

Article: 005800

Country: Luxembourg

Manufacturer: Mudam Playing Cards, Luxembourg (printed by France Cartes).

Be The Artists' Guest: Laurent Daubach (88). Design: Laurent Daubach. 52 + 3 white cards, complete. Offset, 84x55 mm, rc, no index mark. Backs: Calligraphic arabesks, white on black background. 2005.
Lit.: De Ryck in Journal of the IPCS 34/2, pp. 145-147.
The exhibition Graphique Deluxe has invited 11 artists to create a deck of cards on the occasion of the opening of the Museum of Modern Art Grand Duke Jean. The artist mixes the pictures according to a modern surrealistic aesthetic. Animals or plants often interfere with human inventions: the arm of an octopus snakes out of a microwave, a giant butterfly falls into the bowl of a mixer... Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies.
OCase, mint.

$ 16.98

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