Mysterium und Wunderwerk. Miracle-Spielkarten

Article: L1104


Manufacturer: Ulrich KNÜPFER

Mysterium und Wunderwerk. Miracle-Spielkarten. Karten-Presse: Frankfurt/Oder, 2016. 298x211 mm. 60 pp. with numerous color ill. Adhesive binding, covers ill. in color.
In Talon 24-25 from 2015-2016 the author had already published a first version of the present publication, which is why it is dated 2016, although just published in May 2021. A wonderful research that takes us from Vienna to Leipzig, Prague, Crailsheim in Baden-Württemberg - and thanks to the connection of the new playing card material Cellon to the patent co-owner and bridge player Siegfried Klausner to the USA with Ely Culbertson and the KEM Cards. Berichte zur Spielkarte (Reports on playing-cards) Nr. 1.

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