Nichtraucher-Jasskarten (Nonsmoker Jass Cards). 2nd (revised) edition.

Article: 011879

Country: Switzerland

Manufacturer: Alta Carta (Playing Cards R Us, Inc., Orlando, FL -

Design: Ralph Scotoni. 52 + JJ (all different), complete. Color digital printing, 89x57 mm, round corners, 4 German index marks. Backs: Oak branch with leaves and the Swiss suit-signs, pink background.  Maker’s name on King of Roses (USA), Deuce of Shields and of Bells (CH). 2008.

Lit.: Manser [2018] JSB 086 (p. 157).

Non-smoking cards, because the otherwise pipe-smoking Ober of Acorns now holds an oak branch in his hand. His companions in bells, shields and roses have also become non-smokers. From a total edition of 100 copies (50 each per edition), here with 2 additional American jokers, an Ace of Spades and a blank card.  Minimally damaged OCase, almost mint.  

$ 45.28

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