Nissan Palsus

Article: 002605

Country: Japan

Manufacturer: Nintendo Playing Card Co., Ltd., Kyoto.

Nissan Palsus. 52 + JJ, complete. Offset, 87x61 mm, rc, 2 English index marks. Backs: Standing crusaders with chain-mail coat, shield and lance. Maker's name & logo on AS. 1971.
Lit.: Braun 768; WWPCM 08835.
Inside a suit, the illustrations on K, Q and J are identical. They show medieval figures holding in one half of the cards a French suit-sign, in the other half a Spanish one. Spades/Swords have a knight in armour, Clubs/Clubs a squire, Diamonds/Coins a merchant and Hearts/Cups the lady of the castle. The joker is a court jester playing the lute. Edition of 2,250.
OBox, mint.

$ 33.96

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