Pickering's Political Pack

Article: 003330

Country: Australia

Manufacturer: Maker unknown, Hong Kong, for Jerningham Press, North Adelaide.

Pickering\'s Political Pack. Design: Pickering. 52 + JJ, complete. Offset, 87x57 mm, rc, 2 English index marks. Backs: Caricature of a politician as the death with scythe and pipe, white on blue background. 1977.
Lit.: Braun 1789; García Martín 10.24.

Courts, aces and jokers caricature Australian politicians: Sir John Kerr, Governor General, Malcolm Fraser, Prime Minister, Jim Cairns und Junie Morosi... 

Asse: Malcolm Fraser, Liberal P.M. and Gough Whitlam, former Labour P.M.

Könige: Bob Hawke, President A.C.T.U. and Doug Anthony, Country Party leader. On his pitchfork are the heads of two former P.M’s, John Gorton and Bill Snedden. 

Damen: Jim Cairns, former Deputy P.M., and Junie Morosi, his secretary. 

Buben: Khemlani (A Middle East financier we believe. KPCS) and Rex Connor. 

Joker: Sir John Kerr, Governor General of Australia. 

Edition of 12,000 packs. 

Info: Kendal Playing Card Sales

Min. damaged OCase, almost mint.

$ 22.64

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