Playing Cards for the Youth. Contex

Article: 006056

Country: Russia

Manufacturer: Association New Generation, Novosibirsk.

Playing Cards for the Youth. Contex. 36, complete. Offset, 70x50 mm, rc, 2 Russian index marks. Backs: Repeated name of the publisher New Generation, yellow on green background. 2004.
Lit.: Lutkovskiy 4.50; comp. Eroticism V 4.52, Braun/Knüpfer NK 2002/2.
12 different artists (Sanja Michailova, Iren Ljakova, Evgen Ksenophont...) have supplied cartoons for this deck. The issue is Safer Sex and Contex is a condoms trademark. All cards are illustrated.
Slightly damaged OCase, mint.

$ 31.70

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