Rare Russian Cards. King of acorns: Love! Not War!

Article: 006183

Country: Russia

Manufacturer: Alexander Lutkovskiy (publisher), Novosibirsk.

Rare Russian Cards. King of acorns: Love! Not War! Design: Ekaterina Stupakova. 36 + JJJJ (all different), complete. Color digital printing, 90x60 mm, rc, 2 English index marks. Backs: 2 military persons, a German and a Russian, in boots and topless. 2006.
Lit.: Lutkovskiy 4.131.
Aces and courts reflect upon the conflict between Germany (black suits) and the Soviet Union (red suits) during WW2. The aces show war decorations of both countries. The halves of the courts display the enemies, first taking each other prisoner and finally fraternizing. The numerals reproduce artistic photos of naked persons and of naturist exercises in the open air.
Min. damaged OCase, mint.

$ 62.26

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