PRUSSIA PATTERN. Reichskarte (Imperial Card) No. 206.

Article: 006730

Country: Germany

Manufacturer: Berliner Spielkarten-Fabrik (Berlin Playing Card Factory) Eduard Büttner & Co., Oranienburger-Str. 59, Berlin N.

Reichskarte (Imperial Card) No. 206. Feine Deutsche Doppelbild-Karte à 32 Blatt (Fine German Double-ended Pack with 32 Cards). 32, complete. Chromolith., 102x58 mm, round corners, 4 index marks on the pips. Backs: Panel with a regular pattern of repeated four-leaf clovers, maker’s name in the middle, in green and black.
Maker’s name on Deuce of Hearts and 7 of Acorns. German Imperial tax stamp No. 4 (Stralsund), value: 30 Pfennig (1903 - 1919), on Deuce of Hearts. Circa 1907.
Lit.: Kohlmann/Radau 38; Kohlmann [1984] 16; comp. Mann coll. 110; Kranich [2007] 73.
According to Theodor Kohlmann, the deck was published shortly before the sale of Büttner’s factory to Stralsund in 1907 because the reconstruction of the Roman fort in Saalburg (10 of Leaves) was not achieved until 1907 (Kohlmann [1984] p. 57).
Slightly damaged OWrapper (Büttner) and slipcase of the Vereinigte Stralsunder Spielkartenfabriken, almost mint.

$ 849.03

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