Sample book „Spielkarten B. Dondorf G.m.b.H. Frankfurt a. Main Süd“

Article: 011649

Country: Germany

Manufacturer: Vereinigte Stralsunder Spielkartenfabriken A.G., Altenburg.

Sample book „Spielkarten B. Dondorf G.m.b.H. Frankfurt a. Main Süd“. 37 (+ 5 empty) leaves, complete. 143x250 mm. Circa 1935.
Packages reflecting the diversity of international relations of the company. There are often 2 color variants on one sheet, some are marked with an order number and / or with the client in pencil. Under the deck names: Empire No. 212, Trianon No. 213 (in Dondorf’s name), Orienta No. 150, Marquis No. 215, Luxor No. 300, Terrier No. 1700, Pražské No. 62 (Depôt: Kettner a Poláček).... Among the clients: Estanco de Naipes del Perú, P. Nielsen, Copenhagen, N.v. Hema, Turitz, Ahlen u. Holm (Åhlén & Holm), Stockholm, Seperin u. Schmidt, Denmark, many times Holmblad... The deck No. 175, Danske Konger og Dronninger, bears the note: „In Stülpschachtel schwarz Unterteil, Deckel Tweedpapier mit weißer Schrift.“ (In slipcase black lower part, lid tweed paper with white writing).
The upper right corner of the pages slightly bumped, otherwise very good conservation.

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