Talon. Austrian-Hungarian Playing Card Association

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Manufacturer: Wolfgang ALTFAHRT, Nikolaus MÄRZWEILER, Rudolf MAURER

Talon. Talon. Austrian-Hungarian Playing Card Association. Talon: Vienna, Budapest, 2018. 297x210 mm. 1 white leaf, 144 pp. with numerous color  ill., 1 white leaf. Adhesive binding, ill. covers.
Special issue to No. 26-27. Catalogue of a so far hardly known collection with 20 decks from circa 1800 till circa 1830, of which 5 are German-suited, 10 French- and 5 Italian-suited. Plus a small number of wrappers and backs. The cards mostly come from Austria (with Trieste: Rubio and Valla), but we also have a Piedmont tarock by Balthasar Schnebling from Tyrnau! Added to the detailed register by W. Altfahrt is a history of the museum by R. Maurer and a presentation of the spa town Baden near Vienna with the help of tarock illustrations by N. Märzweiler. In some detail:
Nikolaus Märzweiler: The spa town of Baden near Vienna
Wolfgang Altfahrt: The Casino Baden
Rudolf Maurer: The history of the Rollettmuseum Baden
Wolfgang Altfahrt: Anton Gerzabek, a card painter in Baden near Vienna
Wolfgang Altfahrt: Catalog of the playing card collection in the Rollettmuseum Baden
Wolfgang Altfahrt: Makers and artists.

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