Talon. Austrian-Hungarian Playing Card Association (Hannes Hofinger publ.)

Article: L1159


Manufacturer: Hans-Joachim ALSCHER, Wolfgang ALTFAHRT, Petr BÍLÝ, Peter BLAAS, Petr BRODSKÝ, Cristoph JENNER, Franz KIENAST, Christoph KÖNIG, Carsten MINTERT, Jiří NOVOTNÝ, Vladislav ŠEDIVÝ, Karl WEBERPALS

Talon. Austrian-Hungarian Playing Card Association. Talon: Vienna / Budapest, 2014. 297x210 mm. 104 pp. with numerous color ill. Adhesive binding, covers ill. in color.
Issue no. 23 with various communications from numerous authors. The Czech Collectors‘ Club (Club Sběratelů Hracích Karet, represented here by Jiří Novotný, Petr Bilý and Vladislav Šedivý) examines the Luditz-German cards and the card maker Josef Janiczek, H.-J. Alscher presents what is probably the first Industrie und Glück Tarock, C. Mintert shows first proposals of duty stamps for playing cards, W. Altfahrt with several contributions as always...For the detailed contents see www.talon.cc

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