Tarots Egipcios

Article: 004305

Country: Argentina

Manufacturer: Editorial Kier, S.A., Buenos Aires.

Tarots Egipcios. 78 + EC, complete. Offset, 130x67 mm, rc. Backs: Horizontal and vertical lines, brown on white background. Maker's name (Kier) on all cards. 1971.
Lit.: Comp. Kaplan III 585; not in Argentinian PC (JPCS XXIX 5 & XXX 3).
FIRST EDITION. There are no suit-signs, all the cards are illustrated with scenes from pharaonic Egypt. They are numbered and the first 22 (Fool = 22) correspond to the tarot. Spanish captions.
Spanish booklet of instructions (64 pp.), mint.

$ 101.88

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