The Tarot of Dürer

Article: 005837

Country: Italy

Manufacturer: Lo Scarabeo, Torino.

The Tarot of Dürer. Tarot de Dürer. Design: Giacinto Gaudenzi (concept: Manfredi Toraldo, idea: Pietro Alligo). 78 + title card + EC, complete. Offset, 120x66 mm, round corners, 1 index mark. Backs: Old man and the Death in a frame of cherubs and vine, green. 2002.
It is again and again amazing how the illustrators commissioned by Lo Scarabeo succeed in varying the pictures of famous artists and integrating them into the tarot pattern in a very convincing manner. Such is the case anew.
OCase, multilingual booklet (64 pp., English, Italian, Spanish, French, German), mint.

$ 33.96

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