Un Cartier. Ein Kartenmacher (A card maker)

Article: 011644

Country: Germany

Manufacturer: Martin Engelbrecht (1648-1756), Augsburg.

Un Cartier. Ein Kartenmacher (A card maker). Hand-col. copper engraving, enhanced with gilt, 360x320 (sheet), 303x196 mm (picture). Backs: Without imprint. Circa 1730.
Lit.: Comp. D’Allemagne II Color pl. opposite p. 62.
The card maker is dressed with his tools and products. He also carries sheets with the German (Nuremberg or Ansbach pattern) and French suits, otherwise glue pots.... In the background is a „Planier“ (worker smoothing the sheets) and a press. Plate No. 109 from the series of „Assemblage nouveau des manouvries habilles : Neueröffnete Sammlung der mit ihren eigenen Arbeiten und Werckzeugen eingekleideten Künstlern, Handwerckern und Professionen“ (Newly released collection of artists, craftsmen and professions dressed with their own works and tools). Captions in French and German.
Fixed under passe-partout at the top 2 corners with removable adhesive tape, the white margins somewhat stained, a marginal tear at the bottom neatly repaired in old times.

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