Views of the Harz region

Article: 011639

Country: Germany

Manufacturer: F.A. Lattmann, Goslar.

Views of the Harz region. 2 proof prints with the numerals. Steel engraving, 230x260 and 211x240 mm (sheets), 84x50 mm (cards), square corners, 4 index marks. Backs: Plain, without imprint. Circa 1880.
Lit.: Endebrock/Radau [Goslar 1999] D18; Kranich [2007] 59; Feindura [2009] pp. 215-220 (our sheets).
The suit signs are exemplarily present on only one card, a 10 or a 9. The larger sheet has the acorns and hearts. Here, all the views are named, and there is an elaborate monogram „FAL“ printed upside down on the 7 of Acorns. The smaller sheet has the bells and leaves, only one view is named, the others are added in pencil. Wernigerode can be seen on 7 of Bells, Falkenstein on 7 of Leaves: in the final version these views have been reversed. WE JOIN: A partial sheet with the Obers and Unters of the later edition (Endebrock/Radau 20, Kranich 60, Feindura p. 221).
One resp. two folding marks through the white middle, faint browning in the top white margin of the larger sheet, slightly worn.


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