Article: 003925

Country: Italy

Manufacturer: Visualprint

112. 2 x 52 + 8 different jokers on the whole, complete. Offset, 112x81 mm, round corners, 2 English index marks. Backs: The heads of numerous protagonists in comics, brown or green. 1982.
Lit.: Eroticism I 3.7; La Sota 22-23 41/42; Segeth [1986] 200/203.
The crème de la crème of the Italian comic artists: Guido Crepax, Benito Jacovitti, Milo Manara, Guillermo Mordillo, Hugo Pratt, Enea Riboldi, Sergio Toppi   ... Each one of 112 different artists have illustrated one card of the deck, hence its name.
Min. damaged OBox, booklet, mint (still sealed).

$ 249.05

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