Whist card

Article: 011638

Country: Germany

Manufacturer: F.A. Lattmann, Goslar.

Whist card. Design: Wilhelm Tatzelt, Vienna (?) A sheet with all courts. Zincotype (zinc etching or line block), 442x299 mm (sheet), 83x52 mm (cards), square corners, no index mark. Backs: Plain, without imprint. Circa 1875.
Lit.: Endebrock/Radau [Goslar 1999] F 36; Feindura [2009] pp. 60-61 (our sheet).
Our sheet is titled: „Zinkätzung nachdem das Bild photographisch auf die Platte übertragen.“ (Zinc etching after the image has been photographically transferred to the plate). Endebrock/Radau attribute the original to the Viennese Wilhelm Tatzelt, among other things, due to the initials „W T 1873“ appearing in their medallion of King of Clubs. With us the inscriptions are rather illegible, they possibly say „Wien [...]“.
Some crease in the white edges, a tiny marginal tear, somewhat dust-stained in the upper border, slightly worn.

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