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Talon. Austrian-Hungarian Playing Card Association (Hannes Hofinger publ.)

Sailing I. "Ace" No. 611

Vendég voltam Budapesten. I visited Budapest

Le Nouveau Jeu ou Jeu du Procès Dreyfus (The New Game or Game of the Dreyfus Affair)

Prix marchand des cartes à jouer de la fabrique de RIDAN (Wholesale price of playing cards from Ridan’s factory)

Karl Gerich. No. 25. Great Mogul. Cartas Dos Tigres.

About us

Cartorama, the antique shop for playing cards, has been in existence for almost 30 years. Its founder, Jean Darquenne, is known worldwide as an expert on historical as well as artistic and modern playing cards. 81 catalogs have been published so far, which have long since become collectors' items because of the wealth of background information they contain. 

Three times a year, Jean Darquenne publishes a catalog with about 250-350 playing cards from all possible countries, illustrated in color and described in detail, as well as specialized literature. In addition, a catalog with varying offers for collectors is published at irregular intervals. All catalogs are available exclusively to an international circle of subscribers. In addition to the printed catalogs in English, the subscription includes a PDF in English and another with the corresponding German text. Both are available online. Per year, the subscription costs 40 euros, the individual catalogs 15 euros (domestic) or 20 euros (international). 

Cartorama and Cartobook are two antiquarian bookstores from the same house. At www.cartobook.de/en/ you will find a wealth of historical papers, children's books and family games, as well as ephemera in the broadest sense. And in the section "Second Life" you will discover unusual jewelry and useful items in a new look.