Playing cards

Politik ist Trumpf (Politics are trumps)

Baraja Peplum

Black Back

Baraja Don Quijote

Sky Spirit. "Ace" No. 616

Vereinigte Möbelindustrie (Unified Furniture Industry)

Commemorating the Wedding of Her Royal Highness The Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips on November 14th, 1973

Pack of Dogs Playing Cards


Mudam : Donuts


Karl Gerich & Georgina Harvey. No. 22. Rouennais.

Nichtraucher-Jasskarten (Nonsmoker Jass Cards). 2nd (revised) edition.

Mudam : Laurent Daubach

52 Plus Joker. Annual Deck 2005

Postgeschichte (Postal History)

ABC Broadcasting

Caricatures. No. 24

Prominenten-Schnapser (VIP Deck)

Native. "Ace" No. 622

Actors Sovieticos 3

Angler-Skat (Skat for anglers)

Under The Sea transformation playing cards

Baraja Real Fábrica de Lisboa


Sailing II. "Ace" No. 611


Das Spiel und der Maler (The Game and the Painter)

Swiss deck

Mudam : Laurent Fétis


American Civil War.

Dead Souls


The Rt. Hon. Margaret Thatcher, Britain's First Woman Prime Minister

Italia Nuova

Komandirskije (Commanders)

La Belle Alliance

Grand Prix Grimaud 1973

Le Triboulet, Paris (Gebr. Mesmaekers N.V., Turnhout).

Gas Shortages

Baraja Claveria

Karl Gerich & Georgina Harvey. No. 29.

Nissan Palsus

Jass De Luxe 10001

Cards for little girls

Sovereign Scenic Playing Cards

Pusle Spil

Arnold Schoenberg Playing Cards

Golden Patience

MART Treiding (Trading)

Mudam : Play the Game. Massinon

52 selected views of Scotland


Dviracio Kortos (Bicycle Cards)

Nippon Beer

Jäger- und Schützen-Rommé (Rummy for Hunters and Marksmen). No. 1112

Mudam : Paul Kirps

2nd World War

Karl Gerich. No. 16. Patience Indien.

Chaos, Poch, Rock & HNT

BB Coyotte


Fantasy. "Ace" No. 613

Extinct Animals. "Ace" No. 606

Baraja Iberoamericana. Reedición Cincuentenario

Karl Gerich. No. 15. TRAPPOLA FRANCAISE.

CUCKOO Prima Camfio-Kort No. 368

Imperial Palace Old Photos

Gorleben soll leben! (Gorleben should live!)

Black Back (Original designs)

Grand Prix Grimaud 1974

Augustus the Strong and his Age

Der Abend (The Evening)

Actors Sovieticos 2

Calcio Storico Fiorentino

Playing Cards for the Youth

52 Plus Joker. Annual Deck 2006

Shakespeare Quatercentenary 1564 - 1964. The Globe Theatre

Filmsterren A (Movie stars A)

Suntory Beer

Belgian or Spanish cards

Russian Beer

Management By ...

American Independence Bicentenary

Aotea Playing Cards

Dreamscape. "Ace" No. 601

Nature. "Ace" No. 602

Karl Korab

Martini Skat.

Transantarctic Expedition 1958

Kretchinski\'s Wedding

Caricatures and differences


Carte da collezione

Conoco and You

Karl Gerich & Georgina Harvey. No. 30. Merry Andrew.

Gosposha Udatscha. Dame Fortune


Totengräber Tarock (The Gravedigger's Deck)

Coronation. May 12, 1937

Cats Fun I. "Ace" No. 604

Airfight in WWII A. "Ace" No. 615

Old Calendars. No. 0222.

Magyar Viseletek a Középkorban I. Hungarian Costumes in Middle Ages I

Actors Sovieticos 1

Chinese Taoism II. "Ace" No. 610

Carte Comiche Italiane a Trasformazione

Baiba Baiba Playing Cards

Playing Cards for the Youth. Contex

Young woman

Unique Playing Cards

Old Train. "Ace" No. 603

Luna Nera. Playing Cards Valdai.


Versal (Versailles)

Dragon III

Sailing I. "Ace" No. 611

Fernando Pessoa & Co

Chinese Queen. "Ace" No. 627.1

Karl Gerich. No. 25. Great Mogul. Cartas Dos Tigres.


Famous Artistor (sic) of the World

Vendég voltam Budapesten. I visited Budapest

Chinese Queen. "Ace" No. 627.2

Arik Brauer

Le Giscarte

Karl Gerich. No. 10. Four Corners of the World.

Politiker Schnapser (Politicians Deck)

Pickering's Political Pack

Color Land. "Ace" No. 618


World of Warcraft


Parrot World I. "Ace" No. 609

Interhotel / Čedok

PRUSSIA PATTERN. Reichskarte (Imperial Card) No. 206.

Leipziger Mess-Skatkarte (Leipzig Trade Fair Playing Card)

Artist’s Aces of Spades

The Deal

Old Calendar

Bauernkriege (Peasants Wars)

The King and Queen of Thailand at Guildhall

Management By Cards.

Trachten Quartett (Game of Costumes)

The Rt. Hon. Sir Winston Churchill